Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sew Many Colors is excited to announce our Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale for 2010!!!

We are a Family run Business specializing in Hand Made Wearable Art. We are your #1 resource for EVERTHING Tie-Dyed offering over 20,000 choices in 100% Cotton, Hemp and even Bamboo materials. We also sell Patchwork clothes for the Whole Family, imported crafts through fair trade, hand-crafted glass, and our very own 420 Corner offering everything from Marijuana Books and Clothes, to huge Pot Leaf Tapestries.With the economy being well...ummm...not so good (the nice way of putting it LOL), we REALLY wanted to offer our customers a great deal this Holiday Season!! We wanted to make your shopping fun this year with GREAT savings so you can give your loved ones a truly special, one of a kind, and yet still affordable gift. Our 5 day Sale will begin Weds. 24th-thru-Sun. 28th. Please check our website @ http://www.sewmanycolors.com/ to see the savings CODE. So for the hippies in your life, please check out our site @ http://www.sewmanycolors.com/ and REALLY make someones year!!
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